Pitcher’s Manual

Tom Myers has been a player and coach in college and professional baseball for two decades. During this time he has gathered a wealth of valuable techniques and strategies to help master the art and science of pitching. The APC Pitcher’s Manual contains critical information on all aspects of pitching. Using the manual, pitchers of all ages will learn to master techniques devised to improve and perfect their mental and physical skills.

APC Pitcher’s Manual Contents:
  • Pitching Mechanics and Pitch Selection
    In this chapter you will learn the absolutes of the pitching delivery and how to attack a hitter with your arsenal.
  • Pitches and Grips
    Learn an assortment of grips for the fastball and all
    off-speed pitches.
  • Useful Goals and Self-Coaching Systems
    Learn and create a daily routine that will enhance your game.
  • Flat-Ground Routines and Daily Throwing Programs
    Construct a daily throwing routine which will help you create consistent control and increase velocity.
  • Delivery Drills for Rhythm, Timing and Feel
    Various drills on the mound that will promote consistent control and velocity gains.
  • Developmental Objectives
    Learn how pitchers are classified according to Major League Baseball’s developmental standards.
  • Mental and Physical Expectations for Starting and Relief Pitchers
    Develop a routine for starting and relieving.
  • Arm Exercises
    Learn how to prevent injuries and develop a strengthening routine with weight training and band work.