Baseball Memorabilia Collectors

Vern Bickford 1954 BowmanBaseball Memorabilia collectors have a lot of fun. There’s so many different things in the sport of baseball to collect: baseball cards, programs, signed balls, gloves, the old school pennants (which are making a comeback now) and bobbleheads, which are now taking storm in baseball and becoming more popular to have. They have so many games that give away bobbleheads and they are one of the newest items for baseball memorabilia collectors.

Baseball Cards

When talking to a baseball memorabilia collector, they will usually say they collect at least baseball cards. It’s sad nowadays that you don’t see them that often anymore. Baseball cards have a picture of the baseball player on the front of card, usually in a batting stance or a professional pose. On the back of the card, you can find all sorts of statistics on them from batting averages to what position they play. Since baseball cards aren’t as popular anymore, a lot of the cards can be worth thousands of dollars! Especially if you could get your hands on ones like Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Vern Bickford and Willie Mays.


Baseball cards were first introduced in 1886, with the pictures just being in black and white. Colored pictures started coming out in 1887, staring 700 players around the league. Goudey Gum Company printed a lot of the baseball cards and being in their second year in the business of it, they decided to switch it up a little and produce a series of baseball cards called Heads Up. These baseball cards had the baseball player’s heads collaged onto cartoon bodies (see image to right). These were a lot of fun to look at, however they only selected 24 players to do this with. One of the most famous baseball players coming out of this set was Joe DiMaggio. Since Goudy only lasted until 1941, if you have any of their baseball cards, especially the Heads Up collection, they are worth a ton of money and collectors seek after these ones! One of the most major baseball-card producers is the Bowman company. You will see their baseball cards the most.

Finding Them

A lot of collectors held onto them when they had gotten them as kids, either in their parent’s cigarette packs or tearing open the bag of cracker jacks and pulling out the baseball card. Collectors now hold on tightly to these genuine baseball cards and keep an eye out for when they can snatch some more up and add them to their collection. Baseball cards are huge for memorabilia collectors, having been one of the oldest items in baseball you could start collecting.

This piece was submitted by one of our baseball guest writers.